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December 2020

Reverse OCR 1024 1024 Pascal Gyger

Reverse OCR

Computers cannot read In our first blog in this series about Interactive Visual Testing we presented an example of a broken UI. Demonstrating a language selection dropdown, where the localized entry for French (“Français”) was rendered incorrectly due to the special character ç. In short, we showed you how this kind of problem can be…

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Christmas Challenge 501 394 Webteam

Christmas Challenge

TestResults by progile, gives back to society Fully evolved with the Christmas Spirit, we want to donate to a local organization. Charity within the canton of our headquarters. So we looked around and made some research. Finding our charity espoir that we want to support. But it ends not here! In addition to our funding,…

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Traceability in Testing 1024 1024 Webteam

Traceability in Testing

You need to test this critical fix for the old version. Now! Imagine your manager is telling you that. How long does it take you to find the original results of the old version, setup the old test environments, install the fixed version, run the tests, and compare them to the original results? If it…

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2020 Codified Expertise 560 315 Pascal Gyger

2020 Codified Expertise

Interactive Visual Testing is more than finding image and clicking on coordinate Earlier, our last blog described a major issue first and foremost leaving you with a messed-up UI. Beginning, with overlaying titles and continuing with a broken language selection. Therefore, you started to build up your automation with image-based object detection. First it starts…

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