the story behind progile

Who we are

Back in 2010 when progile was founded we focused on complex integration scenarios. Cloud technologies were new back then. In the early days we were specialized in providing architectural guidance and prototype support for multi-platform, multi-layer integration projects. We supported customers in planning, defining, developing, testing and documenting.

At one point our founder, Tobias Müller, got into contact with medical device development. A turn point in the company’s history. After doing projects for the military services, for universities, news papers, the regulated character in the clinical field was challenging. This is also when the tagline of progile “productive, not busy” was born.

This tagline reflects two ideas:

  • Always challenge yourself to deliver instead of finding execuses
  • Make sure that everybody around you gets empowered to deliver

The company name itself describes how we support our customers: Acting agile in a professional way. The name is a portmanteau of “professional, agile”. We have proven that agile approaches can be used even in highly regulated, V-model driven environments.

While still providing consulting services we thrived for more. progile’s goal was and is to increase SW quality. While you argue that SW quality is also driven by a good architecture we at progile do believe that the main pillar to SW quality is repeatable, resource-free testing. Our goal is to provide 100% regression testing to every software project in the world.

Software defects are a given in complex applications. Our approach makes sure that

  • A fixed defect stays fixed over the life cycle of the application
  • No impact assessment is required, as we have 100% regression coverage with every test run
  • Side effects are automatically identified
  • Test engineers do have the time to write good test cases

We summarized all of this in our mission: