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more than 4000 systems to integrate in your testing system
More than 4000 systems 564 326 Webteam

More than 4000 systems

Only 5 minutes to connect your test automation with >4000 systems Imagine a test automation with more the 4000 systems such as Jenkins, Slack, Teams, Azure DevOps, etc. this would be a real added value right? Let us illustrate you within the next couple of minutes, how you can integrate your test automation those great systems. No added…

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3 automation trends for 2022! – Not a spelling mistake! 800 600 Webteam

3 automation trends for 2022! – Not a spelling mistake!

Decentralization, visually driven testing and real tools for real automation problems, is what we see coming in 2022. read more
Infinite Test Lab 560 315 Webteam

Infinite Test Lab

My test automation is not being used because it is too slow. Today we will speed it up. Do you recognize this? Your test automation is running, everyone is excited. But a few days later nobody is using it anymore and increasing numbers of the tests fail, in the case that these tests even actually…

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Remote Testing 560 315 Webteam

Remote Testing

  Remote Testing The software was extensively tested. Next, it gets delivered i.e., is rolled out to different environments in different countries with people starting to use it. Meanwhile, first feedback is coming in. It is a disaster. To clarify, it was unusable, every action took a bazillion times longer than with the old software.…

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cost reduction
Why I love cost reduction & still won’t fire anyone from my team 1024 703 Webteam

Why I love cost reduction & still won’t fire anyone from my team

4 ways how to avoid resource reduction in your company by implementing tweaks to your existing infrastructure. Ensuring that the past big investments are kept in place and are only optimized by adding new technologies or materials. 1. Start by evaluating the status quo Your past big investment, e.g. an automated software testing solution, has…

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Christmas Challenge 501 394 Webteam

Christmas Challenge

TestResults by progile, gives back to society Fully evolved with the Christmas Spirit, we want to donate to a local organization. Charity within the canton of our headquarters. So we looked around and made some research. Finding our charity espoir that we want to support. But it ends not here! In addition to our funding,…

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Traceability in Testing 1024 1024 Webteam

Traceability in Testing

You need to test this critical fix for the old version. Now! Imagine your manager is telling you that. How long does it take you to find the original results of the old version, setup the old test environments, install the fixed version, run the tests, and compare them to the original results? If it…

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Agile Test Tools 560 315 Webteam

Agile Test Tools

How often can you update the tools? In our scenario today, the disease is Versioning and the frozen solution the cure. To clarify, rooted in the software for medical devices, the so-called frozen solution schema allows you to work with a defined version of critical components. And at the same time, having the benefits of…

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AI in testing 560 315 Webteam

AI in testing

Artificial intelligence is everywhere, it solves problems but at the same time jobs are put at stake due to the advanced technology manpower is no longer needed. While the last part may become true in the distant future it is unable to solve the present testing problems. On the ground of this statement, we will…

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Costs of test automation
An old metaphor which also holds true for test automation: The Iceberg. 1024 1024 Webteam

An old metaphor which also holds true for test automation: The Iceberg.

If your organization would like to implement test automation, know that you are at the beginning of a long path. A path up to the top of a steep hill. At some points you will be facing unexpected challenges and with every challenge you will learn, retry and get closer to the top. In summary,…

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