Agile Test Tools 560 315 Webteam

Agile Test Tools

How often can you update the tools? In our scenario today, the disease is Versioning and the frozen solution the cure. To clarify, rooted in the software for medical devices, the so-called frozen solution schema allows you to work with a defined version of critical components. And at the same time, having the benefits of…

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Interactive Visual Testing 560 315 Pascal Gyger

Interactive Visual Testing

From Visual Testing to INTERACTIVE Visual Testing You cannot wait to test your site, after adding a new language. Testing if everything is alright. And it is, you are quite proud of your work and send your boss the news. He is more than happy to look at the newest feature of the companies’ site.…

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AI in testing 560 315 Webteam

AI in testing

Artificial intelligence is everywhere, it solves problems but at the same time jobs are put at stake due to the advanced technology manpower is no longer needed. While the last part may become true in the distant future it is unable to solve the present testing problems. On the ground of this statement, we will…

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Costs of test automation
An old metaphor which also holds true for test automation: The Iceberg. 1024 1024 Webteam

An old metaphor which also holds true for test automation: The Iceberg.

If your organization would like to implement test automation, know that you are at the beginning of a long path. A path up to the top of a steep hill. At some points you will be facing unexpected challenges and with every challenge you will learn, retry and get closer to the top. In summary,…

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A dot can make a billionaire & Chrome forgot how to search (technical: one bug breaks all) 387 200 Webteam

A dot can make a billionaire & Chrome forgot how to search (technical: one bug breaks all)

Sometimes we all want to convince this one customer. Nobody admits it, but you just have this feeling, you really want this one specific customer. Sometimes, to convince a new customer, we offer a free trial test case to demonstrate the power of Exactly what we did in this case, but the results were…

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Meet us @Events 1024 621 Webteam

Meet us @Events

7. Jun – 8. Jun 2018 German Testing Day, Frankfurt, Germany Use “progile20” to get a 20% discount. 21. Jun 2018 Test Automation Day, Rotterdam, Netherlands 12. Nov – 15. Nov 2018 EuroSTAR, The Hague, Netherlands Jan 2019 Software Quality Days 2019, Vienna, Austria Mar 2019 Swiss Testing Day 2019, Zürich, Switzerland

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Challenges of Automated Testing 1024 717 Webteam

Challenges of Automated Testing

Automation Testing has become an essential part of software quality assurance and it will not change in the upcoming years. We must face it. The demand on delivering high quality software in the world where fast market response is essential for success is increasing each day. Automation Tests come in handy as they provide fast…

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progile at the first MS .net day in CH 1024 576 Webteam

progile at the first MS .net day in CH

We did it a again. This time we sponsored an event purely meant for .net developers – which nowadays captures Windows, Mac & Linux developers. Our famous roll-up was there again, this time accompanied by a small table soccer. Besides having brilliant sessions, and hosting speakers like Adam Ralph this was the typical event for…

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progile at the Global Azure Bootcamp 1024 576 Webteam

progile at the Global Azure Bootcamp

As our daily business is Cl oud Computing and how to use it to increase the SW quality of our customers I proudly accepted when I was asked by Manuel Meyer if progile wants to become a sponsor of this event. A tremendous event with lots of good presentations and speakers. A rather interesting slide…

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Christmas apéro at progile 1024 640 Webteam

Christmas apéro at progile

Sometimes it is just time for a break A little apéro will always increase our productive. Therefore we took the chance and celebrated our yearly Christmas apéro in the newly rented office. Some impressions of our meeting room “One” decorated for the holy season. Nice and quite.       And a picture of our…

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