• December 22, 2020

Christmas Challenge

Christmas Challenge

Christmas Challenge 501 394 Webteam

TestResults by progile, gives back to society

Fully evolved with the Christmas Spirit, we want to donate to a local organization. Charity within the canton of our headquarters. So we looked around and made some research. Finding our charity espoir that we want to support. But it ends not here! In addition to our funding, we are offering you the possibility to engage with us. How? Simple become our follower and share this post. With every share, we will during the time of 11th – 31st of December 2020, we will add CHF 5.00 to the donation. In other words, you can support our charity with only two clicks!

Project PONTO

But for what charity are we donating and especially what particular project? We will be supporting the project called PONTO. The project Ponto helps families with mental issues. Children of mentally ill parents are being supported by an external godfather or godmother. Each week for a half of day, the child is not at home but instead at his/her godfather or godmother. During this 172 day the child is with his or her godfather or godmother. Experiencing an environment that allows him or her to be a child.  These hours are planed individually by the trained godfather or godmother. This 1/2 day per week, gives also the parents time to breathe and concentrate on their issues. While ProInfirmis supports and accompanies the parent, espoir is looking after the child resp. children. Both sides profit from this arrangement.

Want to become Godfather or Godmother?

If you want to go even a step further as we do, you can sign up here to become the next Godfather or Godmother.  You become a training on how accompany a child or children. Training and support are guaranteed from espoir. Give children within the age range of 4-15 years old some “child” time. Considered are families within Zürich and agglomeration.

What are you waiting for, hop over with our button to our LinkedIn profile, become a follower and share the Christmas Challenge Post with others.

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