Automated Testing. Done.

TestResults.io brings you automated testing as a service, no new tools, no new trainings, no new experts, no change in your process, no upfront investment.

We bring you 100% regression testing of your solution, overnight, fully black boxed, without human interaction and within the bounds of your validated process.

Is this for you?

TestResults.io is meant for every product which includes software.
Do you create software and want to raise the quality as well as decrease the cost of testing? Maybe you simply don’t want to argue with regulatory bodies about the impact assessment of your next software version? TestResults.io is for you!

  • No upfront investment
  • You don’t lose time creating an automation framework for your product
  • Your test engineer can focus on designing the test cases and analyzing the test results rather than on execution of the test cases
  • The automated test cases are fully black-boxed.
  • You significantly reduce the risk by executing all your test cases for every iteration
  • You save on future maintenance costs
  • You save time on test case execution
  • Executes the test cases exactly like a human test engineer would do
  • Allows executing all the test cases for each SW iteration as a part of the Regression Test Suite
  • Minimizes the risks of introducing new software bugs as it checks the full functionality of the software
  • Gives your test team a relief in executing the test cases. They can focus on designing high standard test cases and analyzing the test results execution rather than spending time on test execution
  • Doesn’t require any changes to your source code
  • Is easy to incorporate in your Product Development Process

Our pricing model is based on the two stages of the test cases automation activities.

1. Test Case Automation Design
Overall Steps Price / Steps
less than 500 100.-
500 - 1000 90.-
10 000+ 65.-
2. Test Case Execution
Response Time Price / 1h
Within a month 10.-
Within a week 20.-
Within a day 50.-

All prices in the swiss franc. Not including tax.

Step 1: Your development team specifies and implements either a new software or updates and existing one
Step 2: Your V&V team designs tests cases together with R&D and subject matter experts
Step 3: Your V&V team provides us the test cases and our specialists will automate them in the TestResults.io environment
Step 4: Whenever you need your software to be tested, you tell us the time frame for the results and all your automated tests will be executed in the TestResults.io environment
Step 5: Your V&V team receives the test results & all evidences and your V&V team can pass the test cases according to your process.

As the walkthrough demonstrated, your process for testing is always followed. Your teams did not require any new skills and based on the automation your testing team can focus on their engineering work: designing test cases to increase the coverage.

What makes TestResults.io different?

  • We create a framework for your product in-house.
    Means: No change to your code nor any upfront investment in automation is needed.
  • We work fully black-boxed.
    Means: Test efforts are completely separated from the development efforts. No tricky UI automation etc. required.
  • We deliver the results of the test execution.
    Means: We do not deliver the next best test framework where your testers would need to learn how to use it.

Cost reduction by 95% while increasing quality!

Example: Your project has 30 test cases with 20 steps each. Average execution time per step for a human tester is about 10 minutes (incl. taking screenshots, etc.).
If we assume an hourly rate of CHF 120.-, a single execution would cost you CHF 12’000. Not including any additional costs like training expenses!
The same execution with TestResults.io costs you CHF 600. If we assume that the automatic execution of a test step still takes 1 minute (which must be a quite complex step).
You not only save a specialized resource that can now invest its valuable time in designing test cases, but the cost reduction of 95% allows you to run full regression tests as often as you want.

Download TestResults.io presentation and pdf flyer