• April 22, 2017

progile at the Global Azure Bootcamp

progile at the Global Azure Bootcamp

progile at the Global Azure Bootcamp 1024 576 Webteam

As our daily business is Cl oud Computing and how to use it to increase the SW quality of our customers I proudly accepted when I was asked by Manuel Meyer if progile wants to become a sponsor of this event. A tremendous event with lots of good presentations and speakers.

A rather interesting slide was presented by itnetX, which I think summarizes the general approach “Automated vs. Manual” rather good. This diagram shows quit simplistic in which way you benefit from our PAVE service. But PAVE goes even further. Did you see the “Gets annoyed” and “Writes Script” and “Runs Script” part? That is a flat line for PAVE as it is automated testing as a service. Instead of going though all the hassles of automation you are a direct Winner and nobody will make fun of you because of your complicated method. The fun of automating and maintaining is all ours 😉

If you wanted to take notes, you could not get past our little giveaway. Did you notice it?

Thanks to the organizers for hosting a brilliant bootcamp and organizing a unique lunch: Subway to go, which is not available in Switzerland.

Presenters enjoyed it. Participants enjoyed it. We sponsors enjoyed it. Nice job!

We will see us next year.

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