Half of all documents for medical software is in testing

Verification & Validation

Step 1 - Setup verification plan

Defining test plans, regression testing, execution cycles, test cases & test reports. Not only do we optionally automate your test cases but we also support you in setting up the initial verification environment. Proven verification experts (ISTQB certified testers) can either support you and setup the verification together with you or we provide an external check. The external check gives you clarity if you have all documents and if you thought about the pitfalls that might came later in the project.

How we do verification – Real black box testing

Verification shall always be done as a black box test. The tester is not allowed to modify the system under test, e.g. no changes to the operating system, no additional not validated tools, no scripts. In summary: Software as released on officially supported hardware.

Humans tend to simplify things, like opening a locked-down operating system because it makes testing easier. Take the example of enabling the task manager in Microsoft Windows operating systems, which might have been disabled for a reason. But the tester needs the functionality to forcefully close the application he must test. We all know stories like that.

Progile uses a different approach:

1. We test without having physical access to the actual test system
2. We test in full isolation, every test case is executed on a freshly prepared system

With our approach, we can test isolated software systems as well as embedded solutions that require user interaction, e.g. touch screen controlled systems.